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They are rescheduling this tournament all over the place. The edition that was scheduled for April 2020 (#38) is planned for May of this year. Then the one for 2021 (#39), which would have been in April of this year will be contested in December 2021. If all goes well they will be back on schedule next year: April 2022 (#40).  

I'm wondering what the best way to log this here would be. It's a Club and National team tournament so it was set up in Season Mode. I can't change the dates of the 2019-2020 edition to May 2021, which is probably a good thing.

I wonder if changing it to National Team Mode would help? I think I set this up before there was a hybrid option, and then changed to the hybrid but I can't find any historical info on their web site to fill out the club teams.

{Edit] I just tried adding a Club team (#BruelBassano as winner of a previous edition) and it wouldn't take

Any ideas?



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2 years ago

Okay, Changing it to “All Ages” allowed for adding the Club Team, and I can correct the National Teams from U18 to U19. Yea!

Still not sure about dating the tournaments

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