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2020-11-15 • 216 views • 3 replies

I'm not sure if this is even on the backburner any more but I'd like to make an official request/post for adding "Original Language" fields to Players, Arenas, and, heck, everything, even if it's hidden below a “show more” link. It is essential for weeding out duplicates and makes searching for data and photos so much more fulfilling. 

Look at the difference between a google image search result for: Mifuyu Kato and 加藤美芙由

or a gramho search (an instagram harvester) for MifuyuKato which results in nothing and a gramho search for 加藤美芙由 which is a goldmine.

I've knocked out about fifty duplicate Arenas using the original language name to zero in. And then I put the various possible translations in the ‘alternative name’ fields so that, for example, if someone were to search for “Himeji City Central Gymnasium” instead of “Himeji Municipal Central Gymnasium” they both would be found (under “Wink Gymnasium” – but that's another level of databasing).

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@sitenoise  I don't know anything about creating databases, database search keys. But I find this idea amazing for another reason as well, namely cultural. I know that many players and fans from China, for example, would enjoy it and show respect for their national culture. Therefore, I would be happy if there was a field that could be entered in simplified Chinese, e.g. for the setter Tianjin no. 16 姚 迪 and not only Yao Di. In the cultures of many nations, twisting the name is rude, so I find this idea very good.

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1 week ago

This task is on backlog for a long time with medium priority.

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1 week ago

@Volleybox  Okay, it's official 👍🏼

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