[Fixed] Not the good club for mid-season transfers

2021-01-05 • 211 views • 3 replies

This is problematic and it happens a lot when users and/or moderators are not attentive. When you transfer a player in the middle of a season, for example in 2020/21, the club which is automatically added is the 2019/20 one. Same thing for transfers (rumors so far but well, same problem) from 2020/21 to 2021-22. Examples with the last ones Boyer and Sanchez, users were not attentive and followed volleybox's mistake (I already fixed it for Sanchez but it was written “Sesc RJ” instead of “Tourcoing”) :

J. P. 59 2
2 weeks ago

This is indeed annoying I think. Could you also provide a solution to this problem so that new users or users who just dont know better also know how to add transfers properly next time? Thanks.

Volleybox 434
2 weeks ago

You're right. It's fixed now.

Pierre FoucaultAuthor 474 10
2 weeks ago

@Volleybox Great, thank you.

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