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2021-04-02 • 79 views • 2 replies

I kind of forget what we're doing with National Team Rosters. I just noticed that they are filled out for the 2021 Olympics. That seems wrong.

I thought we were to make a “News Items” for the wide roster of a team and only include the players who get called for a specific tournament to be listed on the roster for that tournament. No way anybody knows who's going to the OGs at this point.

What's the plan?

1 week ago

I've been fighting against that for a while… removing all the players for 2020 (then 2021) Olympics, but also European Championships.. a week after they were back.

I saw that some national teams unveiled their list of players for 2021, but this is an expanded list, we can not consider at all that this is the official roster.
I mean, who adds such fake news, and above all which moderator accepts everything ?

I gave up the fight and let the Olympics rosters full until we find a solution, removing players one by one is extremely long.

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1 week ago

@PierreFoucault Ahh, it's all coming back to me now. We have been through this before. I guess we just clean it up at some point.

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