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Can somebody please clarify the net rule?
To save the ball do you run under the net or around the pole?
When you are returning do you run under the net again?


hanes233 1408 5
10 years ago
You dont need to run around the pole, you just aren't allowed to step on the opposing teams court.
Joel2718 451 7
10 years ago
doesn't matter where you run, as long as you don't put your foot fully on the opponents court. You can put your foot partially onto their court if at least part of it is on the line.
Wilfredo_is_MarshallAuthor 4447 20
10 years ago
thank you!
oppositeBG 20 2
10 years ago
what about toching the net rules? can someone say something about them ? it'd be really great ??
Kk15 1337 10
10 years ago
Well, as far as I now...
If you touch the white part at the top of the net it is always fault.
If you touch the black part or the white part at the bottom it is fault if you're annoying the game (extreme e.g.: your teammate is spiking and you pull the net down).
About the line under the net, it is always fault if you cross it completly with your foot, but it isn't fault if you did it with part of the foot (= if the foot is still in contact with the line) or with the other part of the body (e.g. knees, hands), unless you are bothering the game doing that (e.g: you step on opponent's blocker feet). Of course you can't save a ball sended under the net if it goes completly in the opponents court (but if the ball is partially in your court, you're allowed to put the hand in the other court to save it, I think)

Toto 93 4
9 years ago
If you crossed the line under the net with your heel it's a fault, if you crossed the line with all of your foot except the heel it's acceptable.
The heel in the only matter.
Chi Bi 1
3 weeks ago

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