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I…n 2019-07-23 144 views 7

Hi, by completing different competitions, I remarked that some countries are still not added to the site, and then some blank spaces are left. Here are the one that you should add in order to complete some tournaments :

  • Kosovo
  • All the United Kingdom's countries (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland)
  • Burundi
  • Timor-Leste
  • South Sudan

Please the admins if you could create those national teams (and all the under age teams corresponding), because we can't. If you have any other suggestions, don't hesitate. For example I need the Burundi to complete the 2019 African Championships.

I…n French player in 2nd division.

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Volleybox PL 3 weeks ago
Scotland, Wales, Kosovo, East Timor, Northern Ireland, Suriname, Burundi, South Sudan, Zambia have been just added. @Inception thank you for reporting a problem.
I…n 3 weeks ago
@Volleybox Wow thank you, so quick as usual !
I…n 3 weeks ago
@Volleybox Well, you added Burundi in America, I still can't add it to the African Championships :x
Volleybox PL 2 weeks ago
@Inception Zambia, Burundi and Suriname didn't have assigned continent. It's fixed now, thanks.
franzvinci01 IT 3 weeks ago
Volleybox PL 3 weeks ago
Thanks for your report! Some other user reported also lack of East Timor, Suriname in the db.
We have a feature for adding new countries to the db. The problem is that some of these countries doesn't have unique two-digits code. Probably we will prepare some for them. Because of this problem we've postponed this task for later. Actually there are almost 90 tasks to implement on the Volleybox.
I…n 3 weeks ago
@Volleybox Okay, thanks for your answer