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2023-07-05 • 657 views • 1 replies

There will be no separate World Cup tournament this year, 2023 World Cup is just a symbolic tournament. The winner of the Olympic Qualifying tournament in Tokyo will be awarded the World Cup title but the only reason behind this is that it will be held in Japan, since the World Cup has been traditionally hosted by Japan. Unlike the previous editions, there is no “best teams” criteria (i.e. World Champion + Top 2 teams from each continent). It's just another Olympic qualification tournament, like the others. Certainly it does not deserve a “9.00” tournament rank. So, I believe this tournament should be removed.

For example, the same situation applies for the men's side as well and there is no 2023 World Cup tournament in Men's Volleybox. What are your opinions on this subject?

avid 92 7
4 months ago

Yea, it's been removed. Im not sure how that got added.. but yea, it was incorrect. 


I think it should all be fixed now… IOQT/Olympics has been a bit fickle on here.. 

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