U16 and U21 National Teams

Fran 10
2022-05-28 • 459 views • 2 replies

I open a separate topic due to the urgent need to create the U16 and U21 national teams. The championships have been created but the teams cannot be added (U21) or they have been added incorrectly (U16)

FranAuthor 10 4
3 weeks ago


This competition is not correct. It's a U21 Competition



avid 40 5
3 weeks ago

@Fran It's U21 in name… but in age/regulations its still U20. (even their links still use U20) I figured it would be easier to put information there until the U20/21 stuff gets figured out on here…. since NORCECA is a bit messier than CEV it seems. 

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