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[1 Sept]

Netherlands and Turkey beat their rivals in 3 sets to nil to qualify into the semi finals. This will be Netherland's 7th time entering the semifinal round, with 5 of the last 6 semifinals Netherlands had earned a medal, except fo... Show more

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[30 August]

Turkey, Poland, Serbia and France qualifies into the quarterfinals. 

Serbia beats Hungary in 3 sets. Hungary made a huge comeback in the first set, they were 21:8 down, but ultimately Serbia ended the game in 25:20. Serbia won ... Show more

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As the qualification of European championship ended yesterday, and the top 12 teams out of the 23 teams qualifies into the preliminary round of European championship.  Sweden returns to the elite groups since 1983. Finland first consecut... Show more

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French team unveils its roster for European qualification

Women's French team is pretty weak but was getting better and better these years, let's hope the girls keep going like that, with more and more girls playing abroad.

Setters : Margaux Bouzinac, Émilie Respaut, Nina Stojiljkovic

Opposites :... Show more

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