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Imports for 2020-21

Denso Airybees
United States

#KathrynPlummer  (NORCECA)                        

Himeji Victorina

#AlionaMartiniuc  (CEV)

Hitachi Rivale
United States

#HannahTapp  (NORCECA)

JT Marvelous
United States


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In the scores menu in today's (30.09.2020) matches in China, Shanghai will play two games? One on 11:00 in Jiangmen Sport Hall with Liaoning and second on 13:30 in Shanghai Luvan Gymnasium with Fujian??

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Women's games in the 2020~21 V-League are unpredictable. The race for the "Hohwa Corps" stopped after five games. Heungkuk Life was completely defeated by GS Caltex with a set score of 0-3 (23-25, 26-28. 23-25) in the final of the 2020 Jecheon a...
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Sm'Aesch Pfeffingen et Viteos NUC sont tous deux parmi les favoris les plus cités pour le championnat. Les deux équipes se sont donc livrées un duel de haut niveau devant 1000 spectateurs et spectatrices enthousiastes, qui a tourné à l‘avantage de...
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#ChineseNationalChampionship202021  This tournament is a bit of a mystery. Although it's the same teams as the #ChineseLeague202021  there are some differences:
1) No foreigners are allowed in the competition
2) Players must play for the team from t...

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#FIVBClubWorldChampionship202021 Lausanne, Switzerland, September 17, 2020 – The FIVB has announced the cancellation of the FIVB Volleyball Club World Championships 2020 following the decision of the FIVB Board of Administration. FIVB announces ca...

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Stephen Lowe • 1 month ago
Karsta Lowe

Excited that Karsta Lowe (who might just be a relative of mine) will be playing in the

Athletes Unlimited Volleyball league in 2021!

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Have you seen the place of #ItalianSupercup202021 Final Four ? This is amazing, a field constructed only for this event, in the street, between the buildings.

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volleysrb • 1 month ago


A group: Montenegro, Turkey, Italy, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Slovenia

B group: Russia, Serbia, Belarus, Romania, Germany, Poland

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The season started in Italy. The Italian Super Cup started last weekend and now we are about to start the Final Four (Semifinal).Imoco Volley Conegliano has already started the guaranteed championship in the final stage, waiting for their opponent...
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In last weekend, the European U19 championship came to an end. With well-played games, the young girls said goodbye to the competition with great determination. Check the results, final classification and dream team.7th and 8th placeCroatia 3-1 Sl...
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The U19 European Championship started last weekend and we already have teams qualified for the semifinals.Three teams withdrew from the competition due to the coronavirus situation that prevented the teams from traveling. Germany, Italy and Russia...
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Zok Osijek club, which plays in the Superliga Hrvatska, is looking for a player in the reception position for the season 20/21. contact for CV is zokosijek06@gmail.com

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Sudo • 2 months ago
FrenchCup2019/20 and COVID

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the semi-finals that were scheduled for March 15, 2020 have been postponed to September 19, 2020.

The final will be played on 20 September 2020.

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Sad news shook the volleyball world last weekend.The former professional volleyball player Go Yoo Min (25) was found dead in her home on August 1st.The issue came to light when her former teammate tried to contact her but in vain. All her calls we...
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Until now, elite athletes in underrepresented sports like women’s softball and volleyball did not have a sustainable way to play in the U.S. with less airtime, sponsorship, and compensation.That’s why Athletes Unlimited is revolutionizing the trad...
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Duesseldorf (dpa) - National team players Louisa Lippmann takes an excursion into the sand. The 25-year-old diagonal attacker starts at the start of the beach tour alongside Isabel Schneider.Lippmann replaces Victoria Bieneck at the tournament in ...
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After two friendlies against the Czech Republic, Poland have a new opponent for a friendly matches. This time the opponent will be Switzerland.The Swiss team is getting ready to compete in EuroVolley 2021 qualifiers and has a new coach, Saskia van...
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The teams from Poland and the Czech Republic held two friendlies in Wałbrzych (POL), on June 30th and July 1st. Both games were won by Poland. Polish players celebrating the victory against Czech Republic. Photo: Piotr SumaraThe first match was 3:...
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The SSC Palmberg Schwerin, from Germany, awaits a response from the FIVB about negotiations with The player Kelsie Payne.The North American was announced as reinforcement on May 27.However, on June 4, to the club's surprise, Kelsie was chosen in t...
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Fernandoo • 4 months ago
Poland National Team
The National team of Poland is meeting in Szczyrk for a training period that will run from June 4th until the 25th. Coach Jacek Nawrocki chose to leave names like Smarzek, Wolosz, Maj Erwardt out for some rest, recovery from injuries, like Medrzyk...
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The women's senior national team of Serbia, the current world champion and two-time consecutive European champion, start training on Monday, June 1. Zoran Terzić, announced the list of players who will train in Belgrade (16 players) and Ubu (23 pl...
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The coach of the Russian volleyball team, Sergio Busato, selected 25 players for a training period, which will take place between 3-25 July in Anapa (Russia).Among the names on the list, we highlight the return of Kosheleva, and the presence of Ka...
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The Challenge Cup representative of Azerbaijan, internationaly very well known top club AZERRAIL BAKU signed with Slovakian receiver-attacker ROMANA HUDECOVA for the season 2020-21 ! HUDECOVA was shining by her top performances at Champions League...
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Marija Savić • 5 months ago

Hello guys, i'm the new one! Just wanna to say hey and also I'd like to aks something. All of as know that's the situation about virus is not well, but i'd like that someone of u give some advices and tell me how u are thinking that's our playing ...

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I was privileged to receive 5 individual awards during the NORCECA U23 Women's Championship 2018 (CAZOVA) with the Suriname National Team. Together with my AMAZING teammates we were able to become the Champion of this tournament.
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PreambleToday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) continued its consultations with all the stakeholders of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. The first took place with the International Olympic Summer Sports Federations. Those with the National ...
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2020.03.16The 2020 Volleyball Ariake Arena Test Match - #TokyoChallengeCup2020 , scheduled to be held from Tuesday, April 21 to Sunday, April 26 has been cancelled.Ariake Arena test match was going to be held in the #AriakeArena  volleyball venue ...
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Lausanne, Switzerland, March 13, 2020 – The FIVB is continuing to monitor the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) on an hour-by-hour basis, and with the guidance of national and global authorities has determined the following policies will be intro...
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Drawing of Lots - Final Phase
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 Block The Fires, Save The KoalasJanuary 2020 Volleyball stars Carli Lloyd, Natalia Pereira and Tijana Boskovic have started the action ‘Block The Fires, Save The Koalas’ to draw attention on the wildfires in Australia, which have unfortunately be...
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Aydin BSB 1-3 VakifBank VakifBank Women's Volleyball Team has defeated Aydin Buyuksehir Belediyespor with a score of 3-1 in the first week of second half of the Turkish League with the set scores of 23-25, 25-19, 25-14 and 25-20 sets. The yellow-b...
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  I Learn New Things EverydayVakifBank Women's Volleyball Team's Swedish Opposite Isabelle Haak made special statements for the Sabah Newspaper: VOLKAN ÜSTÜYILDIZ – SABAH NEWSPAPER What was the difference between the Eczacıbaşı game you lost in th...
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Eczacıbaşı VitrA 0-3 VakıfBankIn the 11th week of the Turkish League, VakıfBank Women's Volleyball Team has defeated Eczacıbaşı VitrA with the set scores of 25-20, 25-23 and 25-17 and completed the first half as a leader. Yellow-blacks, has won 10...
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Renan and Anna on New Year's Eve (source: Renan Salton's Facebook account)After just a few days celebrating New Year’s Eve in Brazil, the ’not-yet-famous’ volleyball couple, @AnnaLoureiro (23) and @RenanSalton (23) were headed to Hungary in Januar...
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We created a ranking of the best women volleyball players in 2019.Ranking is based on team's positions in tournaments played in season 2018/19. Also individual awards won by players in 2018/19 are counted in the ranking.Based on such rules, the mo...
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Really unstoppable is Apollon Patras of coach Karavolas at the Regional Peloponise Women's Championship.The "black-and-white" athletes faced off against Olympiada Patras and celebrated a comfortable 3-0 win. In the overall picture of the match, th...
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