Jennifer Geerties in EuroVolley 2017

2017-12-04 20:39
Like her team mate Lisa Izquierdo, Jennifer Geerties belongs to the 1994th year, which has already had some successes in its junior years. As captain, Geerties led her team to fourth and fifth place at the European and World Youth Championships in 2011. Jennifer made her first appearance for the national team in 2013 at the tournament in Montreux. Unfortunately, she had to pause during the 2012/13 season due to a slipped disc, but she has been in training for a long time now again and has since then already had a couple of other successes on the national level such as gold at the European League and silver at the European Championship of 2013. 328 views
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Jennifer Geerties

Jennifer Geerties

Height: 186cm
Weight: 58kg
Spike: 298cm
Block: 288cm
Current club: SSC PALMBERG Schwerin (Germany)

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