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Position: Opposite
Gross salary: [Show] USD / month
Job starting from date: 2022-12-01
Job ending at date: 2023-03-31
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Looking for Professional Volleyball Player League : Indonesian Proliga Division 1 Position : Outside Hitter/Opposite Player Qualifications: Comes from Top Division Europe / South America club, height above 183cm, has strong attack Gender : Female Duration : Training: 1 Month Qualification Round : 2 Months If the Club passes the Final Round, the duration will be added to 1 month Salary : Max USD 7500 per month Plus Facilities: Airplane Ticket in Roundtrip/Food/Rooms/Medicals All contacts can whatsapp: +62 858 1155 2337 Those who are selected from the qualifications will be contacted


  • airpalne tickets in roundtrip/rooms/meals/medicals