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Kseniia Parubets againts Dinamo Moscow in Semifinals Other 2019-09-20 Ksenia Alexandrovna Parubets : She participated in the 2015 FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix. She won the gold medal at the 2015 Women's European Volleyball Championship. On club level she plays for V…
2 months ago • 178 views
EuroVolleyW Road to Gold   Serbia's journey Other 2019-09-20 The final was the real climax of a history-making competition, with a record-breaking crowd of 13,040 in attendance at Ankara Sports Hall.
2 months ago • 68 views
EuroVolleyW Top 5 Spikes   Tournament Other 2019-09-20 Vote for your favorite spike! Thank you for watching, stay tuned for even more action from the CEV EuroVolley 2019 Championship,
2 months ago • 77 views
EuroVolleyW | Serbia - Turkey / Training highlights European Championships 2019 2019-09-20 Thank you for watching, stay tuned for even more action from the CEV EuroVolley 2019 Championship Watch exclusive content and live-streaming of the matches on EuroVolleyTV!
2 months ago • 66 views
Follow Your Star - Isabelle Haak Other 2019-03-29 Follow Your Star - Isabelle Haak ; Your Star / You can follow all the statistics and details here...
8 months ago • 128 views  1
Warm up by Rett Larson (2nd movie) The Olympics Qualifications 2019 2019-09-01 Untypical warm up presented by Rett Larson before match by Dutch team in Italy.
3 months ago • 167 views
Warm up by Rett Larson FIVB Volleyball Nations League 2019 2019-09-01 Untypical way of the warm up before match of Dutch team in Ekaterinburg.
3 months ago • 289 views
Roster is almost done Other 2019-08-02 With the exception of one volleyball player, Fatum-Nyíregyháza's roster is almost done. This week, the club's management announced the arrival of an American player, Molly Lohman. The team will beg…
4 months ago • 592 views
Pannaxiakos AON - Happy New Year Other 2019-07-31 Special Thanks to John Koukouzis, Greg Delimaris and all players of Pannaxiakos AON Women Volleyball Club
4 months ago • 21 views
Timeout: Ivan Petkov Other 2019-06-01 The coach of the Bulgarian national team (women) Ivan Petkov is very passionate when giving instructions to the girls! Enjoy!
6 months ago • 148 views
Kuzeyboru Spor Club Promotional Spot Türkiye Bayanlar Voleybol 2. Ligi 2019/20 2019-03-22 Kuzeyboru women's volleyball team introduction video. In order to be a family, we fight against our players who fight, don't give up.
8 months ago • 163 views
Tatiana Kadochkina interview Other 2019-03-06 At the age of 15 she is already one of the leaders of "Dinamo-Kazan" on the court, and here is how Tatiana Kadochkina beyond its borders, you can find out from our new issue of the column "Dinamo Answ…
9 months ago • 205 views
USA in VNL 2018 FIVB Volleyball Nations League 2018 2019-01-06 Team USA won first edition of Women's Volleyball Nations League. This award was the best volleyball achievement in this country in 2018.
11 months ago • 199 views  1
Best aces in VNL 2018 FIVB Volleyball Nations League 2018 2018-12-29 Serve is important thing in volleyball. In this movie we can admire top 50 aces in Volleyball Nations League 2018.
11 months ago • 268 views  1
TOP 20 Best One-Hand Blocks in VNL 2018 FIVB Volleyball Nations League 2018 2018-12-23 Last edition of Volleyball Nations League was very emotional. The movie shows only best "one-hand blocks" in tournament.
11 months ago • 248 views
A beautiful side of volleyball Other 2018-09-15 Volleyball has a handful of beautiful sides. Here is another one! :) Women's World Volleyball Championship starts on 29 September!
1 year ago • 606 views  1
Ana Moser and Regla Bell meet 13 years later Other 2017-11-18 Rivals at Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games, Cuban opposite, Regla Bell, and Brazilian outside-hitter, Ana Moser, meet 13 years later on Brazilian TV. The two stars of volleyball took part in the controversi…
2 years ago • 624 views
Dream Team of the World Grand Prix 2017 FIVB World Grand Prix 2017 2017-08-18 Brazil may have lifted the World Grand Prix trophy, but throughout the week in Nanjing there were many good performances - check out who made it into our Team of the Finals: Zhu Ting (China), Tijana B…
2 years ago • 354 views  1
World Grand Prix 2017 Decoration FIVB World Grand Prix 2017 2017-08-18 Brazil keeps hold of the World Grand Prix trophy after victory in the Final over Italy in Nanjing. Serbia won bronze defeating host country China.
2 years ago • 176 views
TOP 10 Best Women's Volleyball Sets Other 2017-01-11 Check out the best women's volleyball sets according to my thoughts! It's showing some incredible volleyball actions at the highest level by the some of the best women players in the world ;)
2 years ago • 710 views
This is Women's Volleyball Other 2016-08-01 Enjoy technique and skills of the best players in the world. You could see there such players like: Ekaterina Gamova, Zhu Ting, Kim Yeon-Koung, Lioubov Sokolova, Brankica Mihajlovic, Thaisa Menezes, R…
3 years ago • 538 views
Team of the Week - World Grand Prix 2016 (1st week) FIVB World Grand Prix 2016 2016-06-18 Highlights of the best performers from week one of the World Grand Prix where the likes of Nataliya Goncharova and Lonneke Sloetjes help make up the World Grand Prix team of the week.
3 years ago • 289 views
TOP10 Best Women's Middle-Blockers Volleyball Spikes Other 2016-02-10 Check out the best women's middle blocker volleyball spikes according to my thoughts! It's just about Middle-Blocker players! ;)
3 years ago • 4533 views
TOP10 Best Women Volleyball Digs Other 2016-01-24 Movie showing some incredible volleyball digs at the highest level. There are some of digs from great players like: Nicole Davis, Yumilka Ruiz, Lisa Thomsen, Jaqueline Carvalho, Brenda Castillo, Gabri…
3 years ago • 2182 views  8
The Olympics Qualifications 2016 (Best players) The Olympics Qualifications 2016 2016-01-10 Europe's elite teams and their world-class players were in action at Ankara where a ticket to Rio 2016 was at stake. Our Dream Team includes some of the Old Continent's brightest Volleyball stars who …
3 years ago • 870 views
Funny situation in Korean All-Star Game Korean All-Star Game 2015/16 2016-01-04 After dancing with Robertlandy Simon Aties, Korean setter went even further ;-) Her next "victims" were game referees! :-D Look at that smile of Cuban star. It says everything.
3 years ago • 2279 views
Best players of Champions League 2015/16 (3rd week) Champions League 2015/16 2015-11-27 'Dream Team' from the third round of action in Europe's finest competition is a multi-national one, including two Americans - setter Carli Lloyd and outside spiker Michelle Bartsch, Russian star oppos…
4 years ago • 804 views
Best players of Champions League 2015/16 (2nd week) Champions League 2015/16 2015-11-13 The magnificent seven in action: Setter Naz Aydemir and middle-blocker Irina Zaryazhko from Ekaterinbug, Ekaterina Orlova from Zurich and libero Sayaka Tsutsui from Le Cannet, wing-spikers: Carolina C…
4 years ago • 932 views
Best players of Champions League 2015/16 (1st week) Champions League 2015/16 2015-10-30 This week woman’s team have played their first matches in the Champions League. CEV has posted on its official YouTube Channel the video of Dream Team of the first week.
4 years ago • 651 views
Best players of EuroVolley 2015 European Championships 2015 2015-10-06 Review the actions of the players who left their mark on a highly successful competition, starting with home heroines Lonneke Slöetjes and Anne Buijs, to continue with Russia's tower Irina Zaryazhko …
4 years ago • 1092 views
EuroVolley 2015 Decoration European Championships 2015 2015-10-05 For the Russian team competing at the EuroVolley 2015, the event held in The Netherlands and Belgium was a glorious case of history repeating itself. Just as it happened two years ago, the squad direc…
4 years ago • 373 views
China in World Cup 2015 FIVB World Cup 2015 2015-09-22 China secured their fourth World Cup title. Coach Lang Ping's team and runners-up Serbia are the first two teams to qualify for the women's volleyball tournament at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. They jo…
4 years ago • 661 views
The best liberos in the world Other 2015-08-30 Amazing actions performed by top stars: Brenda Castillo, Camila Brait, Fabiana Alvim de Oliveira and Yuko Sano. Which one is your favorite?
4 years ago • 10124 views  3
USA (Training for Rio 2016) Other 2015-08-14 Ranked number 1 in the world and coached by former Olympic champion Karch Kirally, the USA Women's Volleyball team show us how they are preparing for the Rio 2016 Olympics.
4 years ago • 1151 views
This is Women's Volleyball Other 2015-08-04 This movie is one of the best women volleyball plays from the last years. Big actions in the highest volleyball competitions of the world. You see incredible plays from famous volleyball players like:…
4 years ago • 1129 views
Brazil Road to World Grand Prix 2015 Final Six FIVB World Grand Prix 2015 2015-07-22 Reigning World Grand Prix champs Brazil poised to defend the crown just one year before the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil celebrate finishing the Preliminary Round without a loss of a match …
4 years ago • 578 views
This is Women's Volleyball Other 2015-07-17 Dynamic movie with great hits from the tournaments: World Grand Prix, World Championships and Brazilian Superliga. Great actions performed by top stars: Kimberly Hill, Gabriela Braga Guimaraes, Valent…
4 years ago • 1113 views
Karch Kiraly spikes during USA training FIVB World Grand Prix 2015 2015-07-04 Some spikes of 55-years-old former indoor and beach player of USA: Karch Kiraly during a training before matches in Ankara (Grand Prix 2015). In the first game of USA in Grand Prix they defeated Italy…
4 years ago • 2772 views
Women Russia in World Championships 2014 FIVB World Championships 2014 2015-05-12 There is a moments from the Women's World Championships 2014. After seeing this movie you will think that Russia is The World Champion. Just the best Russian moments in Italy. After defeat with Brazil…
4 years ago • 667 views
LP-Viesti Finnish Championship 2014 Other 2014-04-10 Little documentary about two last games before LP-Viesti (they used name "LP-Salo" in last CEV Cup) took the Finnish championship 2014. Include w/ slow motion clips and roof camera angle. I shooted th…
5 years ago • 654 views