Women volleyball transfers 2021/22 (25)

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Women Volleyball Transfers


Alfredo Gavazzi 2
3 days ago

Neve ever seen before such a ridiculous list of bulls…😂😂😂 This is JUST about trying to raise their former contracts. “Ortolani at Eczacibasi”: I can't stop LAUGHING 13 minutes after reading the fake news………….

Pierre FoucaultFR 473 10
3 days ago

@AlfredoGavazzi Those are rumors.

Alfredo Gavazzi 2
2 days ago

@PierreFoucault Ah ok. Hey, got a rumor: Gamova moving to Bartoccini Perugia, alongside Fofao

D D 1
20 hours ago

@AlfredoGavazzi Eczacibasi wants Mazzanti or Santarelli so probably they'll take coach's wife like a package… same with Egonu that the club also has to take Sylla 😂

VolleyTurcoTR 13 2
1 week ago

Oh my God. Turkish league will be again on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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