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I learned to like volleyball and I am in love with this sport. Now, football and volleyball rules in my life.

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The season started in Italy. The Italian Super Cup started last weekend and now we are about to start the Final Four (Semifinal).

Imoco Volley Conegliano has already started the guaranteed championship in the final stage, waiting for thei... Show more

Fernandoo 2020-09-03 0 642 623 2 mins read
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In last weekend, the European U19 championship came to an end. With well-played games, the young girls said goodbye to the competition with great determination. Check the results, final classification and dream team.

7th and 8th place

Croa... Show more

Fernandoo 2020-08-31 0 605 594 2 mins read
Fernandoo4 months ago 594 0

The U19 European Championship started last weekend and we already have teams qualified for the semifinals.

Three teams withdrew from the competition due to the coronavirus situation that prevented the teams from traveling. Germany, Italy ... Show more

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Fernandoo5 months ago 848 4

Hey everyone. I would like to change the information for the player Veronica Carocci.  The correct one is Luna Veronica Carocci, or Luna Carocci. But I don't have a confirmation link because she told me on Instagram.bHow can I change?

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Fernandoo5 months ago 8 2

Sad news shook the volleyball world last weekend.

The former professional volleyball player Go Yoo Min (25) was found dead in her home on August 1st.

The issue came to light when her former teammate tried to contact her but in vain. All he... Show more

Fernandoo 2020-08-03 0 901 850 1 min read
Fernandoo5 months ago 850 0

After two friendlies against the Czech Republic, Poland have a new opponent for a friendly matches. This time the opponent will be Switzerland.

The Swiss team is getting ready to compete in EuroVolley 2021 qualifiers and has a new coach, ... Show more

Fernandoo 2020-07-10 0 321 315 1 min read
Fernandoo6 months ago 315 0

The teams from Poland and the Czech Republic held two friendlies in Wałbrzych (POL), on June 30th and July 1st. Both games were won by Poland.


Polish players celebrating the victory against Czech Republic. Photo: Piotr Sumara

The first ma... Show more

Fernandoo 2020-07-02 0 717 695 2 mins read
Fernandoo6 months ago 695 0

The SSC Palmberg Schwerin, from Germany, awaits a response from the FIVB about negotiations with The player Kelsie Payne.

The North American was announced as reinforcement on May 27.

However, on June 4, to the club's surprise, Kelsie was c... Show more

Fernandoo 2020-06-26 0 607 595 1 min read
Fernandoo7 months ago 595 0

The Polish Volleyball Federation announced friendly match against the Czech Republic.

It will be the teams' first game after several months of activity break.

The matches will be in Wałbrzych and due to the security measures imposed to com... Show more

Fernandoo 2020-06-12 0 104 99 1 min read
Fernandoo7 months ago 99 0

May Deco VB Logroño is an intriguing case in volleyball. The sovereign team in the last seasons in Spanish volleyball, won 18 of the last 20 disputed titles. What to expect for the season 20/21? Surprisingly goodbye to competitions.

The t... Show more

Fernandoo 2020-06-08 0 72 68 1 min read
Fernandoo7 months ago 68 0

The National team of Poland is meeting in Szczyrk for a training period that will run from June 4th until the 25th. Coach Jacek Nawrocki chose to leave names like Smarzek, Wolosz, Maj Erwardt out for some rest, recovery from injuries, li... Show more

Fernandoo 2020-06-07 0 456 448 1 min read
Fernandoo7 months ago 448 0

The women's senior national team of Serbia, the current world champion and two-time consecutive European champion, start training on Monday, June 1. Zoran Terzić, announced the list of players who will train in Belgrade (16 players) and ... Show more

Fernandoo 2020-06-06 0 511 501 2 mins read
Fernandoo7 months ago 501 0

The coach of the Russian volleyball team, Sergio Busato, selected 25 players for a training period, which will take place between 3-25 July in Anapa (Russia).

Among the names on the list, we highlight the return of Kosheleva, and the pres... Show more

Fernandoo 2020-06-06 5 478 465 1 min read
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