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@prh92 you can report incorrect transfers directly on the list (by clicking on cross icon).
@The_slavi: welcome again slavi
You are able to add rosters of national teams now.
@Szczepu04: We are writing here about transfers for season 2019/20.
Great way of showing volleyball movies. Thank you!
@PierreF: Fixed. Thank you very much.
Great movie. Thank you!
@rkk: Just a clickbait
Wow dorda is back!
What is the reason ;-)? World Championship by Poland?
@prh92: I can't find it. Could you add report directly on the transfer?
Just mouse hover some transfer and there will be icon for reporting incorrect transfers.
@prh92: Thank you for the information!
@KVOLLEY from the Group Stage.
@EspinhoTheBest: It's ready.
You are able to report duplicates now. Just open duplicated profile of player/club/arena and report it by clicking "It's duplicate" button.
@aptf: Changed. Thank you!
@archirj: You mean team rosters?
@Antonio_Riccio: Probably few users added the same transfer. Usually first information is accepted by us.
@Fran: Fixed. Thank you.
@EspinhoTheBest: Thank you for reporting it.
There will be "It's duplicate" button in teams and players profile (for reporting a duplicates).