World Grand Prix 2014 Final Six (Highlights)

VolleyVids 2014-08-28 18:09 • 2108 views
Highlights of the Final Round of the World Grand Prix 2014. Reigning Olympic champions Brazil swept the previously unbeaten Japanese team 3:0 in a title show down Sunday evening to win the trophy of the FIVB World Grand Prix for a record tenth time. The Japanese women get their first podium finish in the World Grand Prix with a silver medal. Before the loss against Brazil, Japan have won eight matches in a row connecting the preliminary rounds and the Finals and it was their longest winning streak in the World Grand Prix. Earlier on Sunday, Russia came from two sets down to beat China 3:2 for the bronze. It was their first World Grand Prix medal since a silver in 2009. Turkey beat World Grand Prix Finals debutants Belgium 3:1 in the other match of the last round to finish fourth ahead of China with seven points from five games. China settled for the fifth place on six points while the win less Belgians were at the bottom.
Date: 20-24.08.2014
Place: "Ariake Collesium" Hall, Tokyo (JPN)
Kind of tournament: World Grand Prix 2014 Final Six
Final Classification:
1. Brazil
2. Japan
3. Russia
4. Turkey
5. China
6. Belgium

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