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Sato Arisa's retirement
"I'm worried about my teammates more than anything" Ligare Sato Arisa's retirement interview "Tears" "I want many people to see the remaining games"

#ArisaSato #Japan #libero #liberospike #liberopoint #LigareSendai 

https://news.yahoo.co.j... Show more

2023-01-23 0 198 143 1 min read
Vincent Kong2 months ago 143 0
Sarina Koga and Yuji Nishida got MARRIED!


#SarinaKoga  #NECRedRockets #Japan 

The two reported, "Thank you for your warm support. At this time, I would like to announce that Yuji Nishida and Sarina Koga have gotten married." Both are active players ... Show more

2022-12-31 0 7735 7554 2 mins read
Vincent Kong2 months ago 7554 0
Happy sorry i forgot your birthday. Dec 18, Saori Sakoda

Please celebrate the birthday of player #SaoriSakoda #TorayArrows #Japan 

2022-12-21 0 387 204 1 min read
Vincent Kong3 months ago 204 0
Today is the birthday of player Nanami Asano

Please celebrate the birthday of player #NanamiAsano  #DensoAirybees #Japan 

2022-12-13 0 351 225 1 min read
Vincent Kong3 months ago 225 0
"I only feel frustrated." Mayu Ishikawa

Mayu Ishikawa Appreciation Post. If you watched her performances throughout the World Champs, Mayu held the fort for Japan from the start even until their heartbreaking loss to Brazil.

#MayuIshikawa . It was also frustrating that I couldn... Show more

2022-10-12 1 465 293 2 mins read
Vincent Kong5 months ago 293 1
Japan vs Brazil 3-1: the defeat you don't expect

@Vincenzo #MayuIshikawa  #KotonaHayashi #Inoue #Japan #Brazil

Japan always drives ahead and winIshikawas the first set thanks to the excellent insertion of Ishikawa who replaces Koga, injured and thanks to the attacks of Inoue and Hayashi... Show more

2022-10-01 0 529 374 2 mins read
Vincenzo5 months ago 374 0
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