Best players of Women Champions League 2014/15 3rd week

Volleybox 2014-12-12 • 1837 views
The best players in the third round of Women's Champions League 2014/15. Thanks to great play of Kathleen Weiss, Agel Prostejov from Czech Republic won game with Rabita Baku! Jovana Brakocević (Azerrail Baku) and Kim Yeon-Koung (Fenerbahce Istanbul) played great competition. Jovana scored 21 points in three sets with Stiinta Bacau. Kim Yeon-Koung is the absolute leader of Fenerbahce Istanbul. Her team won without big problems against Nantes VB from France. Also Indre Sorokaite played great competition. Iuliia Morozova was the best blocker of Tuesday match played in Finland between LP Salo and Dinamo Moscow. Look at some of her blocks and quick from the behind. See powerful spikes by Elena Yureva. The sample of Rossa Koskelo possibilities in the defence on 3:23.

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