Yuan Xiao who rarely shows her negative emotion, showed her true feeling yesterday

Xiao Yuan, who rarely shows her negative emotions, showed her true feelings yesterday after leading her team around the field to thank her.

Our captain has done a great job and is worthy of this bar on her chest. Although this victory... Mutass többet

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CHN_HRQ_FANPL in China 3-1 Serbia Don't cry girls 211
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#China #WorldOlympicQualification2024  ❤️ Thank You China, do not worry.  The tournament only showed what we need to work harder at. All will be good!❤️👍🏼   #XinyueYuan  #LinyuDiao  #HanyuYang  #YiGao #XiangyuGong #YuanyuanWang #Yunl... Mutass többet