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7 months ago
I would like to refresh a discuss about the fans meeting. We've talked about it a few months ago, but now, when administrators are on for this it could come true.

Everyone is invited. If You are going to go on hol... Show more
Someone 2013-07-01 54 5215 5215 1 min read
Someone7 years ago 5215 54
PlusLiga is extended with two new clubs: Czarni Radom and BBTS Bielsko-Biała- two first places respectively of the First League in Poland in season 2012/2013 (second league after Plusliga). It is very good decision for the clubs. The hig... Show more
Someone 2013-06-18 11 2487 2487 1 min read
Someone7 years ago 2487 11
Golden set is not the best rule, but the rules that have been before golden set caused second match less exciting.
Year by year there are more and more discussions about that rule which seems to be unfair.

There's a rule that can solve ... Show more
Someone 2013-01-24 18 5440 5440 1 min read
Someone7 years ago 5440 18
Przyłącz się do akcji na facebooku, jeśli jesteś za przywróceniem Meczu Gwiazd.

Join the event on facebook, when you are for Plusliga Stars Game restore.


Someone 2012-12-16 0 1801 1801 1 min read
Someone8 years ago 1801 0
Someone 2012-12-13 0 853 853
Someone8 years ago 853 0
Someone 2012-12-06 12 988 988
Someone8 years ago 988 12
I would like to start a discussion about the ending of the current club season.

It was a very interesting season: first of all there were a two titles, Polish and Italian, won by teams which were not favorite for the titles: Resovia and... Show more
Someone 2012-04-22 18 3843 3843 1 min read
Someone8 years ago 3843 18
Today I came back from Lublin to my home city Stalowa Wola by a bus. When I was looking through the window I saw a tall guy on the bus stop. When he turn around I suddenly realised that I know him. It was Mateusz Mika from Resovia Rzeszó... Show more
Someone 2012-04-16 40 5807 5807 1 min read
Someone8 years ago 5807 40
On the official website of ZAKSA Kędzierzyn Koźle have appeard a statement that the contract with Sebastian Świderski is dissolved by the player's request. Polish volleyball team member struggles with injuries since a long time.

Sebasti... Show more
Someone 2012-03-12 15 4533 4533 1 min read
Someone8 years ago 4533 15
Someone8 years ago 1327 7
Cięta riposta nie ominęła Mariusza Wlazłego :)



Someone 2011-12-07 7 3357 3356 1 min read
Someone9 years ago 3356 7

I planned not to express myself according to my situation, but the last incidents and statements of the most important people in Polish volleyball pushed to write a few words about what’s going on around me.

I’m not surprised of some vo... Show more

Someone 2011-10-21 66 16926 16920 14 mins read
Someone9 years ago 16920 66
Polish national team lineup for the World League:
Skład reprezentacji Polski na Ligę Światową:

rozgrywający (setters):
Fabian Drzyzga (Tytan AZS Częstochowa),
Grzegorz Łomacz (Jastrzębski Węgiel),
Paweł Woicki (PGE Skra Bełchatów),
Ł... Show more
Someone 2011-03-31 45 7372 7372 2 mins read
Someone9 years ago 7372 45
Andrea Anastasi was chosen as a new coach of Polish national volleyball team.What do you think about the choice? Would he be better than Nawrocki and the other candidates? Is it good decision for the Polish volleyball?

#coach #AndreaAnastasi #Poland

Someone 2011-02-03 44 8262 8259 1 min read
Someone9 years ago 8259 44
As it is written in Aleh Akhrem has naturalized by a Polish President and now a procedure of passport emission is finished.
Asseco Resovia now has a lot of foreign players, so it'll help a lot (foreign players limits). But it ... Show more
Someone 2010-12-02 9 2074 2073 1 min read
Someone10 years ago 2073 9
We are waiting for the sutardays and sundays matches. Politechnika-Skra and Delecta-ZAKSA matches should be the most interesting. League cames into phase that matches are more important till now (4 top teams will have less matches to pla... Show more
Someone 2010-11-26 0 1457 1457 1 min read
Someone10 years ago 1457 0
We are after the first match of this round, which ends today (18th of November) with result: Fart Kielce- Politechnika Warszawska 3:1 (It's a little surprise).
Some clubs are after their matches in some European Cups (Champions League, e... Show more
Someone 2010-11-18 6 1593 1593 1 min read
Someone10 years ago 1593 6
After very interesting 6th round we are waiting for 7th. I think the sundays match will be the most interesting. Resovia Plays very well, but AZS can made a surprise while plays home.

13 November 2010
14:45, AZS Olsztyn - Skra Bełchat... Show more
Someone 2010-11-12 10 1706 1706 1 min read
Someone10 years ago 1706 10
In 6th round bookmakers are sure that home teams have bigger chances to win, but we know that a lot of surprises are possible. The most interesting match should be between Resovia Rzeszów and ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle. ZAKSA loose their pos... Show more
Someone 2010-11-09 20 1569 1569 1 min read
Someone10 years ago 1569 20
I think that the most interesting match will be between ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle and Jastrzębski Węgiel. ZAKSA seems to be very strong this season. JW plays not bad, but hasn't much luck to beat little stronger opponents.

06 November 201... Show more
Someone 2010-11-05 13 1600 1600 1 min read
Someone10 years ago 1600 13
The most interesting match is between ZAKSA and SKRA. I like Skra, but I hope, that ZAKSA will win to show them that they are going wrong way.

3 November 2010
18:00, Skra Bełchatów - Kędzierzyn-Koźle
18:00, Fart Kielce - AZS Olsztyn
1... Show more
Someone 2010-11-02 9 1502 1502 1 min read
Someone10 years ago 1502 9
You can discuss here about the third round of PLUSLIGA (predictions, favourite players of matches, interesting plays, after match impressions etc.).

29.10.2010, 18:00, AZS Częstochowa - Siatkarz Wieluń
30.10.2010, 14:45, Resovia Rzesz... Show more
Someone 2010-10-28 7 2366 2366 1 min read
Someone10 years ago 2366 7
Proponuję zacząć cykl dyskusji na temat każdej kolejki Plusligi. Pierwsza kolejka została obgadana w temacie o mistrzu Polski, a więc czas na drugą. Następne dyskusje proponuję zakładać przed rozpoczęciem kolejki spotkań.
Someone 2010-10-27 7 1072 1072 1 min read
Someone10 years ago 1072 7
I think it's a good place to discuss about the Polish National Volleyball Team.

We play quite good, but I don't know if it'll be enaugh to get to the semifinals. I'm dissapointed of Winiarski's attack. Gruszka surprised me once again: m... Show more
Someone 2010-09-27 1 2392 2392 1 min read
Someone10 years ago 2392 1
Świetny pomysł z tymi funclub'ami i myślę, że to będzie ciekawa dyskusja- dlatego zakładam. Lubię tego gracza oczywiście za jego atak. Konkretnie chodzi mi o jego parametry i sposób ataku. Czasami atakuje po prostu normalnie "łapiąc"... Show more
Someone 2010-09-26 2 2054 2054 1 min read
Someone10 years ago 2054 2
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