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2023–24 V1 Final Result and Awards
RankTeam Regular RoundGOLDNEC JT MarvelousSILVERJT Marvelous          NECBRONZE              Saitama SAGA4thToyota Saitama5thDenso Denso6thSAGA Toyota7thHitachi Hitachi8thToray Toray9thOkayama Okayama10thPFU PFU11thKurobe Kurobe12thPrest... Show more
2024-03-04 0 55 29 1 min read
sitenoise8 hours ago 29 0
Individual Awards V3 2023-24
AwardPlayerTeamRecordMVP#SakiTanabe Kurashiki Ablaze―Fighting Spirit Award#YuriKomuro Artemis Hokkaido―Best Newcomer Award         #HikariMinatoKanoa Laulea's Fukuoka―Top scorer#Yuri KomuroArtemis Hokkaido297 pointsSpike Award#AmaneIzawa... Show more
2024-03-01 0 76 75 1 min read
sitenoise4 days ago 75 0

These are  for the Regular Round

Regular Round Final Numbers … Top 6 to Final Stage … 7th-12th keep that rank and are finished

#TeamPts       W / L       Rate       Sets W / L     Rate          Pts. W   Pts. L   Rate
1JT6322 / 01.00066 / 14... Show more
3 weeks ago 0 302 96
sitenoise3 weeks ago 96 0

It's two to three hours now every night, prime time, that I'm unable to add anything to the database here (west coast USA). . It used to be an hour. Is it because the database has grown so much or are the maintenance chores in need of op... Show more

2023-09-09 1 728 722 1 min read
sitenoise5 months ago 722 1

that worked. Have at it 

6 months ago 0 147 144
sitenoise6 months ago 144 0

@VănTàiNguyễn that worked. Have at it

I hope that doesn't muck something else up ?

6 months ago 1 180 179
sitenoise6 months ago 179 1

the 2nd set of teams is gone now. Try adding Viet 1 players now

6 months ago 0 162 161
sitenoise6 months ago 161 0

Try adding the Vietnam 1 players now. I don't what was up with that double listing a minute ago, but it appears to be gone now

6 months ago 0 160 159
sitenoise6 months ago 159 0

If we change the Tournament Type to “Club” we can add Club v Club matches

If we change the Tournament Type to “NT” we can add NT v NT matches

If we change the Tournament Type to “Club and NT” we can't add any matches

#VTVInternationalVolley... Show more

6 months ago 8 313 263
sitenoise6 months ago 263 8
Kurashiki Ablaze helps cleanup Philsports Arena after Awards ceremony

#CreamlineCoolSmashers , along with foreign guest teams #KurashikiAblaze  and #KinhBacBacNinh, held a fellowship dinner to commemorate their successful 2023 Premier Volleyball League Invitational Conference runs.

The Ablaze, who emerged v... Show more

2023-08-01 1 903 547 2 mins read
sitenoise7 months ago 547 1

This is another tournament that has no correct team to choose. It's an U21 tournament with U21 teams participating ….

This is going to get ugly and boink the database if it goes on much longer



7 months ago 4 232 208
sitenoise7 months ago 208 4

There is at present no way to add U16 designation for a team because it does not exist. Volleybox Admin is MIA and is the only one who can add it

The top three teams from this tournament will qualify for the FIVB U17 World Championships t... Show more

8 months ago 0 570 348
sitenoise8 months ago 348 0

So what do we do now about U16 Tournaments when there is no way to choose that Age group when creating  a tournament 

AVC U16 starts in a week or so. https://www.jva.or.jp/international2023/asia_u16_women/#member 

2023-06-23 6 859 858 1 min read
sitenoise8 months ago 858 6

This is weird and complex, but I don't think this 2023 version “Challenge” Cup belongs here

This “Asian Women's Challenge Cup” was a challenge cup for promotion to the AVC Cup – not a big deal

The 2023 version “AVC Challenge Cup for Women”... Show more

8 months ago 4 201 151
sitenoise8 months ago 151 4
2023 71st Kurowashiki Final Standings and Awards


GOLD#PFUBlueCats SILVER#SaitamaAgeoMedics Semi-Finalists          #NECRedRockets  #OkayamaSeagulls           

Individual Awards

MVPYurie Nabeya#YurieNabeya Fighting SpiritMami Uchiseto#MamiUchiseto Best 6Haruka Yamashita#Har... Show more
2023-05-07 0 979 766 1 min read
sitenoise9 months ago 766 0