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Japan Volleyball League has decided to issue an S3 license to team Ligare Sendai for the 2021-2022 season. 
“We are very pleased we were able to achieve the V-League entry, which was one of our goals from the beginning of the team, and t... Show more

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 1 - JT Marvelous
2 - Toray Arrows
3 - NEC Red Rockets
4 - Denso Airybees
5 - Saitama Ageo Medics
6 - Okayama Seagulls
7 - Hitachi Rivale
8 - SAGA Hisamitsu Springs                          
9 - PFU BlueCats
10- Himeji Victorina
11- Toyota Body Qu... Show more

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2021-02-19 8 167 167 min read
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End of the Regular Season Final Standings 2021.02.14

#TEAMWIN       LOSE       Win rate
1Toray Arrows210100.0
2JT Marvelous16480.0
3NEC Red Rockets15575.0
4Denso Airybees12763.2
5Saitama Ageo Medics12860.0
6Okayama Seagulls111052.4
7Hisamitsu Sp... Show more
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I duplicated a couple accidentally: "9th place match" and "11th place match"

2021-02-13 6 165 165 1 min read
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#ForestLeavesKumamoto  and  #JAGifuRioreina  have withdrawn from participating in any further games this season.

Participation was postponed from January 16th (Sat) to February 7th (Sun), 2021 due to the government's state of emergency re... Show more

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For the past few weeks, or however long those “special buttons” have been there (NCAA-PAC12-WAC Volleyball, etc.) I didn't know what they were for so I just grumbled they were cluttering up the interface. Now I discover the HIDDEN HORIZO... Show more

2021-02-04 11 404 403 2 mins read
sitenoise3 weeks ago 403 11

Maybe there is a quick way to do this I'm not aware of? 

Often, when an upcoming match is important for some reason, I find myself wanting to know the results of previous encounters between the two teams.

I have no idea how it might be imp... Show more

2021-02-02 3 136 136 1 min read
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Japan Volleyball League Organization have received and accepted the offer from two teams, #ChibaAngelCross  and #GSSTokyoSunbeams , to "not participate in the remaining games of this season".

■ Reason for suspension of participation 

<Chib... Show more

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Giovanni Malagò, president of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI), confirmed reports that if the Italian government does not resolve issues of CONI’s autonomy by Wednesday, that the vote will be in favor of suspending the symbols of Ita... Show more

2021-01-26 0 91 35 1 min read
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Sorry, I forget what we are doing with them. If they are for sure canceled and won't be played we can/should delete them. But what about matches that are “up in the air”, so to speak? Is there a "postponed" tag we can put on them? Or is ... Show more

2021-01-11 8 184 182 1 min read
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就実   reality
Shujitsu    3–1    Osaka    

[25–20, 25–20, 22–25, 25–12]

Individual Awards source

MVP   #MegumiFukasawa (Shujitsu)
Best 6   #MegumiFukasawa (Shujitsu)
    #TsugumiFukasawa (Shujitsu)
    #RinoMurooka (Higashi)
    #MelisaValdes (Fu... Show more
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Most Valuable Player (MVP)

  Zhu Ting Tianjin Bohai Bank Women's Volleyball Club

Best main attack (Outside Hitter)

  Li Yingying Tianjin Bohai Bank Women's Volleyball Club

  Zhang Changning Jiangsu Zhongtian Steel Women's Volleyball Club

Best... Show more

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The 2020 Edition, originally scheduled for 10 – 13 APRIL 2020, rescheduled for 27-30 DECEMBER 2020, has been rescheduled again for 30 MAY – 2 JUNE 2021.

When it was rescheduled for December it was also changed from U19 to U20 so those ant... Show more

2020-12-22 0 94 68 1 min read
sitenoise2 months ago 68 0

Nice feature. It would be nicer if the filters worked so we could zero in on what each of us might be more familiar with. Barring that, there are a couple situations I'm not sure what to do about:

Matches that were cancelled. Should we ju... Show more

2020-12-21 5 112 111 1 min read
sitenoise2 months ago 111 5

This is another one for the shelf behind the back burner: I'd love to be able to filter the database to show who, and how many players “finished their career” each year.

2020-12-18 8 165 165 1 min read
sitenoise2 months ago 165 8

GENEVA — Russia will not be able to use its name, flag and anthem at the next two Olympics or at any world championships for the next two years after a ruling Thursday by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The Lausanne-based court halved... Show more

2020-12-17 5 2879 810 1 min read
sitenoise2 months ago 810 5

This seems to happen after most any edit when I delete something. An easy repro is deleting a Roster Photo. Try it. Is it just me?

If I realize I added a photo to the wrong year, I want to delete it and add it to the correct year without ... Show more

2020-12-16 5 251 250 1 min read
sitenoise2 months ago 250 5

Final Standings:

4th Place#JuntendoUniversity 


5th Place






Individual Awards 

MVP#AyakaKanemoto NIFS
Dare... Show more
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sitenoise2 months ago 31 0

Often, when adding matches to a tournament I will add the Stadium first. As in the case of #ChineseLeague202021 , all the matches are at #JiangmenSportsHall . But then when I add the Home team it will change the Stadium to the Home Team'... Show more

2020-11-30 2 222 206 1 min read
sitenoise3 months ago 206 2

“ … the test event will focus on the technical part of the competition management, and the planned test content will be examined and scrutinized to further improve efficiency and reduce costs as much as possible. It is said that it will ... Show more

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This is another one of those cool things @Volleybox just sneaks in there

2020-11-27 2 503 501 1 min read
sitenoise3 months ago 501 2

I don't know if leagues around the world host all star games but China, S Korea, and Japan do. I thought it would be fun to track these by adding them as a tournament, so that they would show up under a player's ‘tournaments’. And there ... Show more

2020-11-20 10 163 155 1 min read
sitenoise3 months ago 155 10
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