Manager Manabe ``Remove players who can't break down on serve''

Manager Manabe ``Remove players who can't break down on serve''

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Manager Manabe ``Remove players who can't break down on serve'' Set up a special team to strengthen serve Japan women's volleyball team press conference

Twenty-five players who will participate in the domestic training camp for the Nations League and the staff of the Japanese national team including manager Masayoshi Manabe attended a press conference held in Tokyo on May 8th.


 Japan's women's national team aims to win a medal at the Paris Olympics. Regarding the serve, which has been the biggest issue since taking office, Manager Manabe said, "I haven't reached the level of medals. I want to strengthen it in earnest this year and next year. I tell the players, 'Players who can't break with their serve will be eliminated.' There is," he said, announcing the establishment of a special team. This team consists of a total of 13 people, including coaches, sports science experts and entourage, and will focus on strengthening the serve.

 Manager Manabe also announced that this year's slogan was decided to be "overtake over the world" because of the desire to overtake the world this year after competing in the Nations League and the World Championship last year.

 Captain Sarina Koga, who is in her second season as captain, said, "Last year, I tried to communicate with the players. Told.

 In the 2022-23 season, Shinsuke Ishikawa, who broke the record for the most points scored by a Japanese player in the V League, said enthusiastically, "I want to do my best without forgetting who I am so that I can show my strength in any situation." rice field.

 In addition, Miyu Nagaoka, who was selected for the first time since 2021, said, "I'm grateful to be able to take on an exciting challenge. I want to enjoy it with determination."

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