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Bastos Gomes Dos Santos
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Coaches (3)

Ricardo Amêndola
Ricardo AmêndolaADC Bradesco2016/17 - 2018/19
Luis Henrique Mercante da Silva
Luis Henrique Mercante da SilvaBluvolei Blumenau2020/21 - 2021/22
Cássio Leandro Pereira
Cássio Leandro PereiraItajaí Vôlei2019/20

Team managers (1)

Elisângela Oliveira
Elisângela OliveiraItajaí Vôlei2019/20

Sports Directors (1)

Ana Paula Ferreira
Ana Paula FerreiraItajaí Vôlei2019/20

Volleyball players (72)

Francine Tomazoni
Francine TomazoniBluvolei Blumenau2020/21 Message
Welissa Gonzaga
Welissa GonzagaItajaí Vôlei2019/20
Juliana Paes
Juliana PaesItajaí Vôlei, Bluvolei Blumenau2019/20, 2020/21 - 2021/22
Karoline Tormena
Karoline TormenaBluvolei Blumenau2020/21
Erica Adachi
Erica AdachiADC Bradesco2018/19
Pietra Jukoski
Pietra JukoskiADC Bradesco2016/17
Laiza Ferreira
Laiza FerreiraADC Bradesco2016/17
Ilisandra Klein
Ilisandra KleinItajaí Vôlei2019/20
Daniele Batista
Daniele BatistaBluvolei Blumenau2020/21
Nyeme Costa
Nyeme CostaADC Bradesco2016/17 - 2018/19
Jackeline Santos
Jackeline SantosADC Bradesco2016/17
Márcia Fusieger
Márcia FusiegerBluvolei Blumenau2020/21
Ana Karina Olaya
Ana Karina OlayaCD Aves2020/21
Diana Alecrim
Diana AlecrimADC Bradesco2016/17
Claudia Rios
Claudia RiosCD Aves2020/21
Angie Velásquez
Angie VelásquezCD Aves2020/21
Bruna Caixeta Costa
Bruna Caixeta CostaADC Bradesco2017/18
Gabriella Rocha
Gabriella RochaADC Bradesco2016/17 - 2017/18
Darlevis Mosquera
Darlevis MosqueraCD Aves2020/21
Sabrina Machado
Sabrina MachadoADC Bradesco2016/17
Karyna Malachias
Karyna MalachiasADC Bradesco2016/17 - 2018/19
Camila Mesquita
Camila MesquitaADC Bradesco2017/18
Brunna Shigueno
Brunna ShiguenoItajaí Vôlei2019/20
Kenya Malachias
Kenya MalachiasADC Bradesco2017/18 - 2018/19
Thaynã Moraes
Thaynã MoraesItajaí Vôlei2019/20
Beatriz de Carvalho
Beatriz de CarvalhoADC Bradesco2017/18
Daniela Cechetto
Daniela CechettoADC Bradesco2018/19
Viviane Braun
Viviane BraunADC Bradesco, Bluvolei Blumenau2016/17 - 2017/18, 2020/21
Letícia Bonardi
Letícia BonardiItajaí Vôlei2019/20
Gabrielle Marcondes
Gabrielle MarcondesADC Bradesco2016/17 - 2017/18
Beatriz Santana
Beatriz SantanaADC Bradesco2016/17 - 2018/19
Júlia Fahel
Júlia FahelADC Bradesco2017/18 - 2018/19
Maynara Rossi
Maynara RossiItajaí Vôlei2019/20
Ana Cecilia Lopes
Ana Cecilia LopesADC Bradesco2018/19
Jéssica Carriel
Jéssica CarrielCD Aves2020/21
Ingrid Rizzatti
Ingrid RizzattiADC Bradesco2016/17 - 2017/18
Natália Danielski
Natália DanielskiItajaí Vôlei2019/20
Mayra Souza
Mayra SouzaADC Bradesco2017/18 - 2018/19
Mariane Casas
Mariane CasasBluvolei Blumenau2020/21
Lohayne Endres
Lohayne EndresItajaí Vôlei2019/20
Paula Menegotto
Paula MenegottoADC Bradesco2018/19
Priscila Késsia
Priscila KéssiaADC Bradesco2017/18
Leticya Paulo
Leticya PauloADC Bradesco, Itajaí Vôlei2018/19, 2019/20
Júlia Moreira
Júlia MoreiraADC Bradesco2017/18 - 2018/19
Thaynara Ferreira Nunes
Thaynara Ferreira NunesADC Bradesco2017/18
Vera Assunção
Vera AssunçãoCD Aves2020/21
Emanuella Fenicchia
Emanuella FenicchiaItajaí Vôlei2019/20
Ana Beatriz Carneiro
Ana Beatriz CarneiroCD Aves2020/21
Emanuelle Dos Santos
Emanuelle Dos SantosItajaí Vôlei2019/20
Bárbara Costa
Bárbara CostaCD Aves2020/21
Jady Gerotto
Jady GerottoCD Aves2020/21
Beatriz Santos
Beatriz SantosCD Aves2020/21
María Luís Nogueira
María Luís NogueiraCD Aves2020/21
Beatriz Silva
Beatriz SilvaCD Aves2020/21
Daniela Baum
Daniela BaumBluvolei Blumenau2020/21 - 2021/22
Sofhia Lopes
Sofhia LopesADC Bradesco2017/18 - 2018/19
Ana Matos
Ana MatosCD Aves2020/21
Mafalda Morais
Mafalda MoraisCD Aves2020/21
Kaiane Silva
Kaiane SilvaBluvolei Blumenau2020/21
Gabriela Poli
Gabriela PoliBluvolei Blumenau2020/21
Marcela Cabral
Marcela CabralBluvolei Blumenau2020/21
Kathlen Pereira
Kathlen PereiraBluvolei Blumenau2020/21 - 2021/22
Ana Paula Nunes
Ana Paula NunesBluvolei Blumenau2020/21 - 2021/22
Catarina Neves
Catarina NevesCD Aves2020/21
Margarida Pereira
Margarida PereiraCD Aves2020/21
Sofia Kamke
Sofia KamkeBluvolei Blumenau2020/21 - 2021/22
Layza Berto
Layza BertoBluvolei Blumenau2020/21
Ana Beatriz Magnobosco
Ana Beatriz MagnoboscoItajaí Vôlei2019/20
Rafaela Kluch
Rafaela KluchADC Bradesco2018/19
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